Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 Iris Apfel for MAC cosmetics

Every time I'm getting ready for my 6 month blood test; I always think about having cancer come back and how bad I wanna live till I'm old and gray with wrinkles and all that stuff.

I never used think so much about getting old - but now I do- In a good way! 

I look at some older people and they look darn good-

I think to myself what makes an older person look good and I came up with these things:

A good sense of humor and fun- grumpy is old and unattractive- think Betty White

Not too skinny- but not heavy

A great haircut with SMOOTH hair- no frizz

Good teeth- Nice white/bright teeth always look good

A wee tan

Good lips stick and painted nails

Stylish clothes without looking like you are trying to dress like a kid- Show off your own style!

I came across some cute images:

I love seeing different generations together!

Now enjoy this film- I LOVE these ladies- I wanna be them- I Do I Do

Well I came across some less expensive ways to treat yourself to some look good feel good stuff~
How about a Salt Bath?

New York dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD:
“Ordinary salt is largely sodium chloride, which is very dehydrating,” she says, “but mineral salt, such as Dead Sea salt, is rich in magnesium and calcium, which improve hydration by strengthening the barrier function of the skin.” Indeed, those minerals—in addition to zinc and potassium, other components of unrefined salt—are classified by scientists as “natural moisturization factors” for the way they support the skin’s water balance. “An example I give my patients is that when you sit in a non-salt bath, your skin wrinkles and prunes,” Fusco says. “But that doesn’t happen in salt water because salt reproduces an environment in balance with your skin in which your skin doesn’t leak out moisture.”

Yael Alkalay, the founder of natural beauty brand Red Flower:

“It has a sort of instantaneous effect of taking dead skin cells off the surface of the skin. It does it very gently, leaving the skin smoother and more able to absorb moisture and nutrients.” It’s especially effective when combined with warm water, which increases circulation. “One of the best ways to keep skin youthful, energized, and healthy is to increase blood flow while pulling moisture and minerals in.”

Here you can find some less expensive ways to whiten your teeth and smooth out your locks:


Want to save money and skip the dentist? Crest just released 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips. With a higher level of hydrogen peroxide, thicker formula, and fitted shape, these strips are the brand’s most powerful whitening product yet.

Having a solid foundation is key—start with a good frizz-reducing conditioner like L’Oréal EverSleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner, and finish by applying a lightweight leave-in treatment like Phyto Phytodéfrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm (use more or less, depending on how coarse your strands are).

here's a blogger review of L'Oreal

Oh Iris enlighten us

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