Friday, January 13, 2012


Even a day trip to the city to see a couple of docs brings on excitement and new obsessions!

illy coffee- I love you!

Iridescent Tile
the amazing things they do
I seen this one in a restroom
at Food Emporium

Walking from building to building I seen LOTS of wellies
Hunter Wellies to be specific

Then as I waited for my Rads Doc I scored a New York Post which featured these
"Pumped Up Kicks"
For sure Hi-Tops will be all over in the city come spring...

Notice anything?

Some have a wedge heel hidden inside like these silver and beige ones- Me like!

Also in the post an article discussing updating your home sparked my interest in
Metallic Walls or Ceilings.  

I'll post more on my appointments- already got my blood test results and EVERYTHING NORMAL!
Just working on getting my Vit D up! 
I'm almost 2 years out.....
Thank you God and St. Theresa!

Rob drove the whole trip- and it wasn't an easy one- I'm so blessed to have him.  We had a good time being together.

Today is Friday the 13th and receiving my blood test on such a day would maybe bring some hesitation/anxiety- BUT being I had my baby boy on a Friday the 13th- It's a heavenly thing for me.
My boy is out of town wrestling today- I really wish I was there- 

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