Monday, October 3, 2011

New Beginnings

May this be the best week ever!
New beginnings
I'm loving Lena Headey right now!

I'm also gearing up for Fall and loving this: 
I'm loving this Ralph Lauren look- I so love the pants and the long pearls...the only thing is the long pants would look better on my fit legs!!!   Jamie Beck takes the best pictures!

Black- I love you
How beautifully simple
She's a stunner
Lena Headey

To gear up for fall and the holidays ~

I'm going into rehab my friends!

I'm hoping to stay motivated as I embark on an 11 Week Raw Balance!
I really want to do 80% Raw in my diet.
Over at Raw Food Rehab they are SO encouraging
The LOVE you feel is really NUTZ!

Here's how it goes: 
(right from the site)
Are you new to Raw Food Rehab, or just hoping to find your way around a little better? Listed below, in order of importance, is everything you need to know about making your stay here in the Unit as complete and user friendly as possible. Welcome.....we are so happy to have you here!

Getting Moved In - SETTING UP YOUR SUITE (your personal page)

Raw Balance Leadership Team

Well tonight I'm going to hang out side at the Mansion and catch up on some reading:
There is a great RAW digital magazine you can sign up for: 
all you need to do it sign up and the mag is free - they have great advice and recipes
click on the pic to go there

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amy D said...

I am liking your new blog template! Good luck on the new raw program! You can do it. I will have to read about it some time soon.