Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Express / Victoria's Secret

Well a couple of coupons are coming up on expiring.....like the $25Express bucks Nov.2 and also the coupons cards that came in the mail Oct 30.

What to do......I'm on a shopping fast for Rob's bday......but really shouldn't I use my coupons :)

Express- nothing too much excited me there except I am LOVING the jeans I got!
I almost want one more pair in a size down because I'm so loving the legging jeans in black!

Zelda Jean Leggings around $69 

I also love my blue jeans from there

ReRock Bootcut around $98
Jeans are still buy one get one 50% off 

the only other thing that caught my eye at Express were these pants

Studio Stretch Columnist around $69

And over at VS there is free shipping tonight 7-12am
also free 3pk lip gloss with any sweater purchase 

How about this top with the above pants

Also digging these

If I were taller there are a lot of nice long sweaters and also wrap sweaters

I love this hot pink Angora Hoodie 

and as always VS has some cute PJs

these are cotton PJs

and if I wanted something sexy these would be in the running

Happy Halloween HUBBY

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