Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I love a couple of things

I'm really enjoying the look of my blog THANKS to Kelly @

I really do love was time

I have also started a blog that is devoted to my life with my foob.....I will focus on foob dressing and staying healthy while dealing with moving on after losing a breast to cancer.  It's called PlanetFoob.

I used to think foob stood for fake boob, but that terms seems to be already taken.  I know now that those girls out there with "fake boobs"....they aren't fake they are real and just bigger.  What I have, now that's fake it has no function other than making me look good in I think foob should mean "fashion boob".  I have a better understanding why a girl might want her boobs enhanced.  I now see how very special breasts are and I be lying if I said I didn't miss my girl.  I do also know how very small a part of me they are.  It's bittersweet to fight cancer so hard that you would give up something so special.

I love my fashion boob- I do!    

I'm really hoping with Planetfoob I can find some beautiful bras for fashion boobs and  post them.  I hope someday girls with both boobs will look at us girls with fashion boobs and say, "Where did you get that bra?"

like this site for example 

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