Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my own little cooking challenge

my cooking
The other night (Monday) I knew I had better cook some meals so that during this busy week we would have food and so here's how crazy it was in my kitchen........I gave myself a little challenge.

So right after work I went to the grocery store for the ingredients for the following meals:

Pork Chops
Sausage with Peppers and Onions
A Crock-pot Chicken with Carrots and Potatoes
Mushrooms for Broiling
And what ever else we needed like toothpaste, water, bread and so on.

Got home at

No one had really eaten dinner yet

Sink has a bit of dishes

and I unloaded

1st Clear sink
2nd Get Pork Chops in the oven because they are tonight’s dinner
3rd Prep Veggies for Chicken in Crock-pot and for the Sausage with Peppers and Onions

4th Clean the bird (make Rob feel guilty enough to offer to dress the chicken for the pot)

Bird in Pot

Chops about done and Rob eating them as they are coming out of the oven.

5th Prep the Sausage with Peppers and Onions and get them in the oven
6th Cut up Zucchini and Google “HOW to Broil Zucchini”~get those suckers in the oven

7th Wash up the 2 lovely fruits of choice this shopping trip
Peaches – I was so hungry for them when I seen them- but they disappoint- don’t get the peaches from NJ. They will end up getting juiced!

Cherries- they do not disappoint- should have bought more of them!

8th Get my mushrooms soaked up with marinade and put in the frig

9th Zuks done and they are so yummy~ added fresh grated Parmesan Cheese and ate half the tray myself!
Packaged what I didn't eat in small containers for easy transport to work.

Zucchinis not being eaten with our delicious pork chops as planned~ I'm the only HUGE ZUK FAN! 

 Sausage and peppers need a little more time to cook......

10th Sausage Out and left to cool

all by 10:01

I should get some kind of award!

I'd like to give a shout out to

My Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl
Makes prepping so much faster

Pampered Chef Scrapers
Great for cleaning without scratching

AND i LOVE this Stuff

 and look who was waiting for me in the morning

Good Morning Beautiful Organic Chick!

I'm planning on using the bones to make a special soup for a friend going through cancer treatment~It was the motivation behind our special chicken meal.  I hope it turns out O.K.~ the soup that is. 
The chicken tastes SO GOOD 

AND thanks to Rob too who cheered me on, dressed the chick, washed the dishes, ate my grub, and thanked me!  

So no veggie recipe this week~except that all you need is salt and pepper for the Zuks before you broil them and then fresh grated parm tastes SO GOOD too.

If the soup turns out I'll post that recipe later

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