Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Well it's Thrift Store shopping-
It's a great way to get something new to you and save on waste......It may be something you never want to do.........I'm so lucky I had friends who loved shopping Clinton Street as much as I did!  The good old days of Philly Sales and antique stores.  I have great high school memories of Clinton Street.

Shopping in thrift shops is great when you are in the process of losing or gaining weight!

A little while back when I was loving everything blue I really wanted to buy some thing blue..........but didn't want to spend a lot.  I ended up checking out the Salvation Army and found this adorable Jcrew sweater

This past weekend I scored these at a second hand shop

along with 2 cute skirts

I just love T-shirts and I couldn't pass this one up

The World Is Pretty Amazing  

And speaking of T-shirts how about making a scarf out of an old T

Here are some instructions on different ones you can do:

Here's my attempt at the very simple one

No that's not my PopTart!

I could have been a little neater and I should have dyed the shirt for something different, but I just wanted to give it a shot.  It a great little project to have fun with.  Great for a couple of board girls.  Just have a good pair of fabric scissors and you are all set....well maybe experiment with some dye ;)  
Also the bigger the T-shirt the more scarf you will have- mine was small plus I wrapped my neck 2x.

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