Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall in LOVE

The 2 Scents I would love to wear this Fall:
Coach Poppy 
The New Chloe

I would love to have these Banana Republic shoes
Or These

Lace is probably going to be popular this fall

Faux Fur Vests..........yummy

Fall Designers for Target are exciting
Temple St. Clair and Tucker
I was really excited to hear Temple St. Clair was going to do a line for Target
She known for her use of rock crystal amulets and cocktail rings

She does stuff like this:

Here's what she was doing for Target

There were more nice pieces and they are decent quality- 14k Gold Plated Brass
They went on sale Aug 29th and on-line items are almost all sold out!

Other things I really like - these earrings!  I'm hoping to make a similar pair
I'm loving embelished shoe heals....ever since my wedding reception shoes.

I'm really craving Blues and I LOVE these black bows from the Rochas collection 
I'm a Sliver girl but I can't help liking all the gold I'm seeing.

Tucker for Target this Fall for GO International due out Sept 12th and available till Oct 17th.
Designer Gaby Basora is known for her Silk Blouses, Breezy Dresses and Floral prints. 

Tomorrow will be GiveAway #2

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