Saturday, August 14, 2010

A BIG Thank You to You Guys who spent time with me in NYC!

Mom and Lucas started me off!  We had some fun at the zoo and shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.......I'll never forget the carts!  Expresso Cafe was our find.
Mom's one of the only ones willing to drink my green smoothie with me.
Breakfast at the Ritz diner and veggie drinks.  Walking from the East side to West side by way of the transverse road.  I will always remember "Helloooo"- those birds were great.  Mom- moving me into the 5th floor apartment where we were afraid to go to bed....a few days later....moving out of the 5th floor apartment and up to another building 2nd floor apartment.  I could go on forever with what you did for me- I love you mom.

Nicole and Natalie- I will never forget you guys taking me to lunch at American Girl.  I will always laugh when I think of Natalie making a ton of bubbles on the street as the strippers and bouncer head to work next to the apartment.  I learned how to buy metro cards and ride the bus with you guys.  Creeping around Little Italy at night- dinner- how fun.  Thanks for my Zoo pictures and magnet!

Pat (Rob's mama)  Well you had a list of discount shops and we seen them all!  I will always remember that HUGE grocery store we found and how crowded it was!  I laugh when I think of the lady calling me "chatty patty on the cell phone".  Sharing Polenta at Expresso and one of my favorites was having a drink at "Becky's Bar"  waiting to hear if Labron was going to make NYC a happy place.  The free bus ride and the celebrity FISH riding our bus. We walked non-stop.

Leann- Oh gee where do I begin with stepped out of the cab with your Maryjanes on and I knew it was going to be fun!  Loved having drinks and texting Liz your 1st night!  I became a "Bus Expert"  with you.  Only you and I would have to run away from a bum.  Somethings happened that we won't speak about- or our hubbies won't let us out again.LOL
Thanks for being so awesome and buying me those awesome owl earrings, drinks, food and Especially THANK YOU for my Vintage French PJs!  You are a great best friend.

Becky- I loved shopping with you - you're a good shopper when you're not getting yelled at and way too sweet!  Thanks for my fav scrub from Sabon.  I never looked at so many beads.  You and I had a great time listening to other peoples favorite over heard cell phone conversation:
So I met this guy last night with this huge tattoo of Christ hanging on the cross and underneath it is read- Before you turn your back on Jesus take a look at this.
It was with you that I laughed about your whale fortune cookie and PIG in Chinese.   

Rob - Gee it was short but sweet!  Visiting with the birds- hanging out at Boat Basin.  Being ready to call 911 if I didn't make it up that hell of a street.   I can't give much details about our time.  Thank for being so good during 101 degree temps.  I discovered Magnolia Bakery with you- YUM.  You're my sweetheart- I love you.

Dad- oh Dad you are the best.  Ellis Island with you was the best.  Sneaking to bad food joints- getting up super early!  Sitting outside watching the people on the street at night.  Hanging out at Starbucks at night having coffee.  I could never repay you for all the driving you did....from that 1st day when they said if my records didn't get there by 5 they wouldn't give me an appointment and it was 11 when we got off the phone.
You and I had a pattern down!  I love you dad!

Thanks so much everyone who did time at the apartment with me.  It wasn't easy but I have some wonderful memories and time we got to spend one on one was great.

Also Thank you so much to Kyle and Krista......Krista and the girls brought me tarts and balloons when I got home!   And then they took us out to dinner to celebrate my finishing.
Here we are all after dinner.


Sista B said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful host!!! I had such a great time and tons of laughs. The things people say. Plus, the shopping, the food, the cupcakes ... great memories! We'll have to get together more often for "girlcations."

Plus, look how far you've come! I wish you a lifetime of good health and sweet memories to come!

Love you,

Danielle said...

Thanks so much Becky- you're the best!