Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well so far radiation is going well.  I am pretty red/burned, but it seems like my implant is holding up well.  Crossing my fingers.  I am not receiving as much radiation to my skin as I had previous treatments so my skin should start to feel a bit better.  I was using Aquaphor and that worked well, but my mother purchased me some ,Miaderm and I love it.  The Miaderm is very soothing to me.  I used it only once a day for now, but after my fast treatment I will use it all the time.

The city is very hot and yesterday I crashed for the 1st time since being here.  I have not noticed much fatigue.  Yesterday could have been hard because I purchased a little mini sewing machine for $20 and ended up carrying it for a while.  My father has been with my for the past few days and it's been great just hanging out together.  I am excited to be done with treatment and able to move on.  I did try and purchase a bra and insert yesterday, but I was turned away from the breast center shop because they said it was too early and that I should not push myself.  I am still not even - and it does bug me.  I wanted to purchase a bra insert and stick-on nipple!  Yes they do sell those- how nice.

Staying in the city has left me with some great 1st cockroach, the bum who scared the crap out of me and Leann, the people that ride the bus.  Living right next door to a gentleman's club and watching as the girls and bouncers walk to work.  The wonder people I have met in treatment.  The rude guy who made fun of my hair cut, the teller at the bank who after seeing my license told me NOT to cut my hair  I decided to give up on correcting everyone on my name so at the radiation office I go by the name everyone likes to call me MRS. PADRAZZLE.  I will miss Rob going to appointments with me and weighing ourselves and me wiping my arm pits before the doctor would come in......hOt Flashes...suck.

I am writing this from my plastic surgeon's office so I'm a little rushed- please forgive any errors.  I do a bad job even when I'm not rushed.  I'm hoping I have the balls to tell the doc I don't like my recon being so uneven.  I have realized that no matter what man can accomplish it will never be as beautiful as what God created.  It's amazing all the things we can do we really can't recreate such beauty.  My reduction looks good and it's nice having a smaller breast.....but it's still bigger that my implant.  I'll see what he says.  I am starting to feel like I can maybe loose some weight.....after not budging at all.  I have walked, walked and then walked some more everyday and nothing.  I have noticed my eating getting better and not craving as much bad stuff so things should be looking up.

So things are getting better EVEN the whole menopause CRAP.  I hate that breast cancer has taken so much fun girl stuff, but I'm learning to be happy inspite of it.  My mother gave me a great book and I will post the title later, but if you go on the No Surrender website you can see it there.  It has helped me A LOT.


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Sista B said...

Hang in there D - you're approaching the finish line. I can't wait to spend some time with you in the city, it will be fun!

Enjoy your week with your Dad and Mom. It must be nice to have the one on one time with each!