Sunday, July 11, 2010

People are so kind!

JenJen from Tatortots&Jello made me these and I love them!  They are pink and pretty and just right for someone like me (feeling more manly than girly).  I attach these to my keys, my purse and even my jeans when I want to spruce things up.

The earrings are great because are light so I can wear them without my earlifts (my earring holes are huge from the 80s and all the huge earrings I wore).   

My brother-in-law's relative, a survivor I never met sent me this coin.  I heard about these coins and I was so
happy to receive one!   I later ran into to her at a survivor dinner and gave her a big hug.

My sister-in-law' mother gave me a mass card and this beautiful heart for my end of chemo celebration!  It's so pretty!

I'm so blessed!

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Jen @ said...

Love ya my friend! My ears are the same way!! I got my ears double pierced when I was 16 and they got infected and I wore huge earrings and they ripped. So now I can only wear earrings with backs - makes me so sad. I can send you another pair with posts if you want :)