Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cheap Trick Tuesday- get your shopping done years in advance!

OK- sometimes the best gifts in life are free................for reals...lol.

Well I'm a pack rat, but when I was young I was a lot worse than I am now.  So it's my best friend's birthday and she is so special to me NO gift ever seems good enough.  

Flashback:  19something and we are kids.  My friend likes a boy and yes he's cute, but can't spell worth a crap (OK- he misspelled one word)  and my girlfriends are smarty pants and good spellers- SO we thought it was the funniest thing.  Ever since then we would mock his misspelling and laugh and about it.  Why?.....simple things like that made us laugh.....oh the good old days.  girls!

Present day:  I'm moving out of my house in Vestal and I find 2 little notes that he wrote her......why I saved them- NO idea- maybe I secretly liked the bad speller or maybe I kept the note to never spell that word wrong (I'm not the best speller myself).  I actually had the note with the misspelling. I know she will freak out to see this note again and I'm sure she won't believe I still have it......SO it's the cheapest BEST gift ever.  It's history- It's a memory and you CAN'T buy that.  I'm so excited to ship out her gift.

I glittered up a little box to put in in

Wouldn't it be great to teach your daughter or son to keep some random things and will become priceless gifts someday?  I know that the little things of Lucas' that I have saved he will have someday to gift out.  I mean if Leann would have married that boy- WOW what a wedding gift!  lol

Now I know Leann would love and cherish this gift and that would be enough for her-
BUT I did manage to find a vintage dress with the cutest jacket
.....oh and it's pass the BugsBunny and she's it! Bugs is a whole other story.

I also found a few other things......I love packaging up treats. 
Especially for Leann as she does the BEST packages EVER!

Another great gift idea ESPECIALLY for the girl who shouldn't be eating cake- How about this:

Vintage Tea Cup Candle
Low Calories
Low Cost

Martha can tell ya how to do it HERE 

AND don't forget its Restaurant Week here in Binghamton!! 

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