Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's day 2 of my eDiets................dieting!! This is harder than I thought it would be. I love the fact that eDiets will create the diet and include a shopping list. The problem is there is a lot of food! It's all good food veggies, fruit, fish, turkey breast so my son will also eat most of those. It also include a couple of convenience items which turned out to be Lean Cuisine meals. Tonight I actually made a lot of my snacks and meals for tomorrow.

I also am given a fitness plan which I haven't done yet today. Yesterday I did do the cardio; today I'm scheduled to do cardio and resistance. On the site you actually get the exact exercise and a little animated chick to do the exercises for you.

My start weight is 115 and my goal is 105. That doesn't seem like a lot but when you are 4'11 5-10lbs is a big deal.

This is my fitness inspiration. I love Jen's bod and Vince he's just adorable and funny.

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