Friday, August 23, 2013

De-clutter Update Aug 23rd

More stuff to give away
Dog not included

Does it seem like I'm slacking....well sort of?  There are a few things that are harder to get rid of then others. Written words are hard for me to dispose of.......not sure why.  I mean some are easy to not want to get rid of; like letters from Mimi (my mom's mom).  It's all I have left that let's me sense her; reading her words brings her to life for me.  I still miss her so much.  No one will ever love me like Mimi- grandmothers are just so special.  No one has ever looked at me the way Mimi did and no one ever will.  I felt like her beautiful blue eyes seen right into my soul.

I was lucky enough in my lifetime to have gotten a good amount of letters.  Between my best girl Leann and my first love I have quite a collection.  I will have to post a couple when I get done going through all of them.
Things like this are hard for me- I tend to go through, go back, go through again and go back again.  It's all a long process.  I think I'm done and as I make my way to the next mound of stuff I think - Gee- I still have so much maybe I better go back and re-think somethings I've saved.  Like the little plastic monkey who actually smokes a cigarette- Really a keeper?  Yeah him  He's too cute.

I'm also working on visualizing on what I want our next home to be like and I'd hate to have lots of stuff around, but I'd also hate to have stuff boxed up so it's definitely a work in process.

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