Sunday, August 18, 2013

De-clutter Aug 18th....oh it's hard

I have to say this first off I don't know if it's the de-cluttering that is making me eat better or the eating better that is making de-cluttering better, but the two go good together.

Having less stuff hanging around does make it a lot easier to get stuff done around the kitchen.  I've making smoothies and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Making smoothies is so much better when there isn't a mess in the kitchen.  This morning it was a bit crazy with dirty dishes, but I got it done!  Yahoo

It's been a little hard with the de-clutter the last few days, but I'm still going.  I really just search out things at the end of the night if I hadn't de-cluttered.  Just tonight as I was watching a show on TV I just went searching and found this stuff

Old medications and vitamins- Yes I had 20 of those to get rid of!
Now I just have to figure which ones I can flush and which I can not


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