Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 7 and Aug 8 De-clutter is getting a little harder

So yesterday was hard because by the time I got home from work and made two dinners - one for that night and one for the next it was late. 
So this evening I was back at it.  I did magazines and nail stuff.  There was a good amount that just went in the garbage so there isn't much to show.  The above picture is of what I've de-clutter from the beginning of the challenge- 8 days worth.  So 8 days would mean 160 items.  Not all are picture as some stuff should have been in the garbage.
I feel pretty good about my room - it's looking pretty good an it feels less cluttered for sure.  Sometimes I will think of something I didn't go through enough and I will go back to it.
Right now I'm thinking about my perfume- I went through it, but I feel like there's still more to get rid of.  So I will go back to it later I'm sure.
It's a lot of work to de-clutter everyday 20 things, but at the end I know I will be so proud of myself.
And then you come across stuff like this and it makes you smile

This was given to me by my friend Amy after I finished my treatment- It so special!  See if I hadn't de-cluttered I wouldn't be wearing it.
You really do forget what you have when you keep too much stuff.  This necklace means so much more to me than most of my jewelry, but because I kept a lot of junk it was overlooked. 
They say you need to get rid of stuff so better things will come your way.

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