Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aug 4 De-cluttering feeling pretty good


So it's Sunday and I'm really starting to believe in this energy flow stuff.  I was actually really excited to wake up and get moving early today.  I got up around 6 something and actually went for a run and ran 5 miles!  I had a good amount of energy and was excited to get starting again with de-cluttering.

I worked at getting all my personal laundry put away as I was going through things to get rid of.  It was so nice to clean off my clothing rack.  Remember?  Check it out

I had a lot of necklaces hanging there and I finally came up with a solution.  I do have a good amount jewelry storage, but it's a little tight so I decided I could stack some things.  I have a lot of shoe boxes and the tops are perfect for storing necklaces and what not.

Here's what I did - pretty simple and quick!

I was so excited to find necklaces I forgot I had......

I can't wait to wear this one.

Weekend de- clutter and house cleaning has been actually pretty nice.  I got a house cleaning playlist going and I was all set.  I'm totally loving island music...........Reggae all the way!  Bob Marley, Shaggy, UB40, Eddy Grant, Musical Youth, and Sister Nancy.  Oh it made me miss my honeymoon.  I lit my Rio Glow candle from Bath and Body Works and it was great!

I'm really thinking that starting with my bedroom to de-clutter was a good idea, because I think it's making my bedroom more refreshing for me.  :),

Here's to a great coming week!  I'm hoping to get all my workouts in and continue to de-clutter! 

Fingers crossed!

Here's my 20 from today

I really hope I don't regret getting rid of anything.  I did pull out 2 items I was going to get rid of.  Not too bad. 

Rob asked me today if I was sure I wanted to get rid of so much stuff.  He kept saying how there was nothing much left on my rack.  Too funny. 

Here's a little Saggy for ya

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B said...

Way to go Danielle. It's funny how we come across stuff and we think ... why haven't I worn that? I have a drawer full of shirts that I need to get after. I kept them thinking I would wear them this summer and haven't worn them yet ... so it's time to go! Keep up the decluttering, you will be glad you did on moving day ;)