Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aug 3 De-clutter is getting a little bit overwhelming


This was yesterday's load- sunglasses- REALY- I have that many to get rid of????? yep

Stuff can add up and even though I'm doing 20 things it doesn't seem enough.  I also feel overwhelmed to gather everything I have to remove from the house- there is A LOT OF STUFF!  Yikes.

In doing our bedroom I'm shocked that we actually have kept a broken fan sitting in our room for like a year now!  The closet wasn't too bad actually, but it did have a lot of stuff I could do without.

I also have been letting my jewelry organizers hang on the closet door which I'm sure causes bad energy for Rob.  I mean Rob has his clothes in the closet so he uses the closet more than me.  Cleared it up.

Closet energy flow- much better!!

Don't worry that jewelry did get off the door knob.

I'm glad I'm done for today- but I have to admit I actually would like to keep going.  :)

I'm getting smarter and actually having a box handy.  Today was 15 clothing items and 5 books. 

Oh and look at this little thing I found

I'm keeping her!
oh and these- clip-ons- LOVE THEM- KEEPERS
Now that I look at this picture I see my rack back there needs attention!


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