Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aug 2 De-clutter I was scared I wouldn't make it

Well I had a busy Friday planned with having to go right from work to a friend's house for snacks and cocktails to celebrate a visit with some out of town guests!  Yahoo- it's so nice to just hang out sometimes, especially at my girl Krista's house!  It's just a good vibe there.

SO I didn't know when on earth I was going to get rid of 20 things.  Thought about doing it before I left for work, but ran out of time.  I've been love thinking Feng Shui although I know very little about the whole concept.  So in doing this de-clutter I realize I need to pick a specific area and zone in on that.  I know this sounds like perfect sense, but for someone like me who is easily distracted this is hard.  I could be cleaning out clothes and the next thing is I'm trying a new recipe, with bright red lipstick, and jeweled headband on.
I maybe able to blame this behavior on my clutter causing energy disruption or I should say bad flow!

I decided that it will have to wait till I get home no matter what time it is I have to do it.  I had heard about Feng Shui and closets and it's very interesting that just because your closet has a door on it, it can still let off negative energy from the clutter inside.  It's all about the flow of energy; and the closet shouldn't be all jammed up either causing bad energy flow.  Please excuse my almost child like description of Feng Shui- but I'm just trying to do FENG SHUI spur of the moment off the cuff to get my butt in gear to clean out my closet.

I did read this great article on Feng Shui if you are interested:

I love how it mentions shoes all facing the same that where people keep their shoes in their bedroom closet?  This is so funny to me.  :)

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