Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aug 12, 13 and 14.....well

Gee it's really hard to de-clutter when it's so busy at the homestead.  One thing that is happening is that no matter what I'm doing washing my face, looking for something to wear, or putting stuff away in the basement I take every opportunity to get rid of anything I can.  I also have gone back to some spots because there is still items I could get rid of. 

Today the 14th I think I did more tossing then anything....well I got up to 12 items to donate and the rest was stuff that needed to go in the garbage. 

Also today as I was looking for something to wear I came across a pair of shorts that don't fit anymore and then I went back to some of my clothes and found more to donate. 

It's just really hard at times- but I keep pushing on!  Even though it does get down right stressful trying to get everything done

Can we leave de-cluttering a minute to talk about dresses?

JCP has some really cute dresses and this one is SO cute.  If you see it you should try it on as it is very flattering - I think.  :)

I'm wearing this tomorrow to dinner.

This week is also the BCOpen which makes things a little crazy.  Lucas was my father's caddy again this year for the ProAm.  They're 4some actually came in 2nd!!!  Yahoo!

and because nothing is every smooth- this week for Lucas driving has been nutz.  He got a couple of good lessons out of the way- 1. involved a clutch and 1. involved one of these:

No Lucas was not at fault- but it's still not the easy thing to explain things to a Sheriff
We had an extremely nice Sheriff so it made it so nice.
I love Lucas

And so when things are stressful it so nice to look to something calming like these beauties my mom gave me
  Gosh are they beautiful!  Yellow just makes me day.

Well to bed so tomorrow we can do it all again!  Life is Good!

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