Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aug 11 De-clutter WOW

First off I baked my first cake from scratch!  It's a Crackle Cake
I'm not digging baking so this is probably my last cake.
Good thing Rob's mom is a good baker!
So back to de-clutter
I was gonna pick a day to haul stuff out- but this morning I woke up and mentioned to Rob that I thought about just putting the stuff outside for FREE.  He seemed to think it was a good idea so I hauled everything out front.
10:30 We put the sign out
Here is 11:00 and I already had someone else stop.

Here is 1:30

By 2:30 absolutely everything was gone.
It was quite the day.
My first person was a guy who took a lot of my black dresses for his mom- which didn't seem believable as he was around my age.  I mean his mom wearing some of my slinky low cut dresses sort of seemed weird.  He chatted with me about movies- I had a good amount of those out there.  I did notice when I wasn't looking he was just grabbing stuff and putting it in his truck without even looking at the stuff.  So I went back over there because I was hoping that some of my stuff would go to people who really needed or at least wanted it.
After him I had a group of three in a mini van who took the luggage and filled it as well.  The one guy was going to be going back to Mexico so he needed the luggage and I did get a kick out of him trying on my sunglasses.  They were nice enough.
My plan was to not be out there when people came.  I didn't want people to feel bad about stopping so I thought it better not be out there- BUT then a neighbor came and that all changed.
She came with her daughter and they could actually fit into a lot of my clothes so I was able to help her look through stuff and help her find things she would like that would fit her.  This to me was rewarding.  I mean it was all my stuff out there that people were looking through.  I do still feel like it's my stuff.  When I would see people not even look at the stuff and just load it up I felt bad for my stuff.  I had to tell myself that I made the decision and even if someone was just taking stuff to sell it it's OK.  There are people out there who are struggling and I can't judge someone who it taking my free stuff.  I had to concentrate on all the nice things going on.  I had a book Rob's mom gave me and I read it front to back- which doesn't happen often with me.  Getting rid of this book was a struggle, but I started to think about why I would give it away.  I figured I won't read it again; I mean I already have the story so passing the experience on to someone else was the thing to do.  Well when a young girl picked it up and starting reading the back I was thrilled.  She likes to read and she took the book!

I helped another lady with raw cookbooks and clothing for her nieces. 

I talked with another lady about cancer as she browsed some of my chemo books while her boys waiting in the mini van were reading Rob's old mob books.  It was so funny to see these boys in their Sunday clothes reading mob books.

So it was hard at first, but as it got rolling and I helped and took an active role it went great.  I thought it would be a breeze, but I must have an attachment thing going on.  I'm a work in progress.  Sometimes I just had to laugh when seeing strange men walking around carrying my shoes.

AND then some great things happened to me at the grocery store- almost like someone up there was watching out for me............

In between all of this I had decided that I would attempt to bake a cake I seen on TV.  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my kitchen.  I didn't enjoy it one bit and I think I should just stick to cooking or maybe even just juicing and eating raw....

So the great things that happened all happened at PriceChopper!  I was at PriceChopper twice as baking is such a challenge for me.  I will say the people you meet in the baking aisle are really nice people.  I mean I had people helping me with whipping tips and finding cream of tartar.   The one guy even came and found me to give me the cream of tartar.  Another girl with the coolest red and purple hair helped me with whipping cream tips and tricks.  Everyone was so incredibly helpful and nice.  I had a blast at the self check out with a sales clerk and  guy who couldn't figure out how to ring up his potatoes.  I couldn't figure out what was going on, but it was so nice to hang out with some people in the grocery store.  Maybe there is some truth to when you get rid of stuff you make room for other stuff.  I really had fun.

I did something nice and nice things happened!


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