Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August De-clutter!!!!!

Peter Walsh

Well part of moving is moving stuff!  In an effort to not move things that would be better off moving onto to a place where it can be of better use I decided to de-clutter everyday during the month of August.  I was going to do a 27 Day de-clutter, but I've decided to do the whole month of August; being I don't have too much going on.  Yeah Right.

So how am I going to do this? I'm going to get rid of 20 things a day for 30 days!  This sounds like a lot of stuff, but honestly I have a lot of stuff.  I think most stuff will get donated after I decide if any family or friends could use it first.

I've come to a point where I think I'm ready to let go of a lot of stuff to make room for less clutter.  It's still going to be hard as I save a lot of stuff, but life is too short to move stuff around repeatedly.  And it really isn't nice to keep things just for keeping when someone else could put them to good use.

I don't know how I'm going to incorporate Lucas and his stuff, but I will nudge a little bit just so he too can maybe get into the habit of not cluttering.  I would love for him to feel how good it feels to not have clutter.  I'm pretty sure he is like me and loves to have all his things right there with him in his bedroom, but maybe he can tone it down a bit.

I'm nervous excited writing this, but here is goes.

I will set some rules for my self- if I plan to give something to someone and I don't get it to them by the time I take items to drop off well then it goes.

Everything I save for repair has to be repaired by end of the month or it also goes.

I won't get rid of anything that doesn't belong to me :)

I will take items to drop off once a week.  I already have a back up of stuff that needs to leave my house so adding 20 things a day is a lot of stuff to have just hanging around.

As I read about de-cluttering there are many different blogs and sites about the subject and I found a great challenge that had to do with dressing.  Have you heard of the Project333?  It's pretty cool and I'd love to give it a try after I complete this challenge.  This would be great for working girls!

And along with de-clutter comes bringing less in your home and I found this blog for myself

If you are thinking about de-cluttering you may want to watch this...forward past the woman talking and get right to Peter Walsh!

Let the games begin!


Sista B said...

When I was on Prednisone I went through a huge nesting/decluttering mood (the only benefit of the drug). It really was good for the mind and I have kept at it. A few months ago we went through boxes of "stuff." Really, what was I going to do with a champagne glass from my prom? And old beer banners my friends and I took from bars?

If you come across any items you would like to sell, I would be more than happy to post it to our classifieds here at work. Happy decluttering!

Love B

Danielle said...

Oh thanks Becky! Yeah I know I kept a lot of stuff from when I was young. Why?