Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring To Summer- stuff I love!

Well I haven't been shopping too much - for the sake of saving for our new home.  I did however think about all the fun things I'm looking forward to this Spring and into Summer.  I only purchased a few things a little bit ago, but I'm done.  Except for maybe a bathing suit- but we'll see.
I love these reading glasses from Target- so cute!
I noticed I need a reading glass once in a while.....but I'm hoping to correct my eyes. 
I love flowers and well I shouldn't be buying flowers- so I buy Baby's Breath because it's a lot less expensive and very beautiful.
I love my ZARA fold over skort!  I have a soft spot for the skort because my best friend's mom had a ton of skorts and one night she got me and showed me everyone of them as my girlfriend was mortified.
This skort is in memory of Joan- I love you Joan- I'll wear it proud!
My booties from Target - LOVE them- I'm gonna wear them a lot!!!!!
Cooking in parchment paper - my new favorite thing!  I'm loving loving this.  So easy so clean!
Add some oil, tomatoes, onion, lemon, basil and seasoning with chicken- close it up and bake.
Oh jewels- that's something I have plenty of- I'm enjoying going through and bringing out some oldies, but goodies.  I found a Rose quartz necklace I got when we went to Italy before I started high school.  Rose quartz brings you love!
Favorite Lipstick to wear- Flamingo Pose by Milani.  x


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