Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who's got your back....

It's Tuesday and Lululemon email arrived: Who's got your back


these backs are so cute

and I love this shirt and scarf

and this dress is awesome
great cover up

I have Pilates today and I'm just not into it lately......not sure why.  I was without my normal instructor for about 4 weeks and I'm out of it.  She is back, but can't seem to get my groove going.  I'm hoping today is better.  I'm on a classic reformer and it's a bit to get used to and some of it I just don't like- but another person in my class as decided to get there early and take the machine I'm usually on.  Different machines have different struggles so I guess I'll just adjust.  Today I may go early- but I'll probably still pick the classic machine because it is a challenge.  I may try and change one of my classes to a mat class- I'm at a stand still.

Classic Reformer
The leather strap and wooden handles bug me lately- I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Here's what I'm used to Peak Pilates System Reformer
Soft Straps and Handles 

Sometimes...well I always get bored with things so that may be the problem.  I have to say when I want to revive myself I often turn to YouTube and check out what other people are doing and Sibling Swag really had me laughing and wondering about the ab belt they wear....and they even threw in some butt exercises.  I enjoyed this because Pilates can be very strict and all business.  These 2 crack me up.

and now a little Pilates clip~ this is what Pilates looks like when you are awesome!!!

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