Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

This is the perfect gift for my bus traveling friend.
I will probably purchase some packets of yummy soup mix with it.
Barnes and Noble

I love him
Bobble head
Hot Topic

Robot Mood Rings
I LOVE mood rings- great stocking stuffer~
Seen at Hot Topic and Rue21

Hot Topic
Me like
Do you know what these are?
Besides cufflinks
I was looking at them and I was like what is that symbol?
Play that 45
Now you know?

For the boy who has everything
The W Hotel

Hot Topic
what the heck?- some boy would get a kick out of this - right?

I wish I had a baby girl to get this for!
Things Remembered

The W Hotel

I seen this locket at Hallmark and I loved it.
I have a friend that this would be perfect for

Here's the attached card that comes with it

I would have loved this after my grandmother passed.

This is a great gift for anyone who loves Christmas and all the good stuff
My mom bought me this book years ago and it's a traditional part of my holiday

Susan also has a website
click below

Her books are beautiful
I wish I could draw/paint like her
It's inspiring 
Look at her kitty
Her blog has a lot more pics

I've been journal-ing most nights and include time for drawing- I so wish I could draw like Susan
My journal is mostly a gratitude journal to help me focus on all the blessings I have
Every night I read my Advent Companion and do my journal
I'm so thankful for erasable colored pencils- they are awesome!  
A Gratitude Journal would be a nice gift and TJMaxx has some nice ones.
It's probably a nice idea to even start the journal by giving thanks for the person's many gifts.

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