Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What to buy at TJMaxx

OK  - I really enjoy TJMaxx- but a section I usually over look is the skin care.  I realize that I would love to start using organic products on my face and body being our skin is our largest organ- BUT to spend a lot of money on something that may not work for me is not appealing.  Well I decided to see what I could find at TJM because I just ran out of cleanser!  They happened to have a few products not too expense I brought home to try.  The 1st is a facial cleanser which is organic :

This cost $5.99 normally on Amazon you can get it for $14 and I've seen it as much at $23.00 so I think I did pretty good.  I did some research and it appears that this is older packaging and the newer ones will come with a pump which is always nice.
I've used and I really like it so far- and I feel good using it.

The 2nd thing I purchased was body wash:

Natural Mango, Orange & Lime Scent

Gentle & Non-Drying To The Skin
Enriched With Rosehip & Aloe Vera
Not Tested On Animals
Sulphate Free  
The problem with this product is it's discontinued for now.  Oh well- I do like it- but I often get sick of body wash and try new ones so it's not too bad.  If you are at TJMaxx they are worth trying out. 

Now another thing I wouldn't normal spend money on is lunch bugs- and at TJM they sometimes have some really cute ones.  I did purchase a Scout lunch bag for $5 and when at home I browsed their website and they have some really cute bags for storage, travel, lunch and so one.............  

 I got myself this lunch bag- different pattern but it has more space than it looks.

I really love this travel bag!
They even make bins
I love their marketing 

I would most likely never order any of these....well the site does have an outlet section called Scoutlet,
but nothing beats a TJMaxx deal when you can snag them. 

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