Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well I'd be crazy not to mention this Wedding on this Saturday!

The Royal Wedding

I didn't get to watch, but I seen highlights and heard about some of it.  I did see pictures and this is what I loved about the Royal Wedding

I love this cute couple
They seem so sweet

I love that Kate brought in 20 inch potted trees to the church to make it like an
English garden.

I love that they will be kept in the church for others to enjoy and then planted.

I love that Prince Harry planned the party

He's so cute

I love the brotherly love.
I heard that Prince Harry said, "Wait till you see her" to William after taking a peek at Kate coming down the aisle.

Those Brits they know how to do things Right!
I love them 

This is Kate's mom- beautiful

I loved Kate's dress

Kate's dress and flowers reminded me of Grace Kelly's dress another HUGE bride favorite of probably every American girl.

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